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2012-05-13 15:51:58 by MaccasEngland eos Subscribe if you feel like it.

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2012-04-13 17:48:42 by MaccasEngland

Like: for info, new releases and more.


2011-08-11 12:19:13 by MaccasEngland

I want you guys to review some more, gimme some feedback, Thanx :) x

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2011-07-16 18:06:50 by MaccasEngland

Good News
Yes I know you guys have all been intently waiting for my music to come on the site well... it will be soon and i will keep on posting untill i get bored. It's my own genre so expect differentness. I'd love if anyone who can be asked to look and listen to them listen to the whole song and post what you think.

Don't make it too harsh but im open to critisism (think thats how you speelll it) but if the song makes you hate in any way which is wierd if it does like it reminds you of you dead dog or whatever, send me a message don't openly slag me off in public, cheers.

Tom (MaccasEngland)

My New Stuffings